Inspection Benefits


We focus on bringing value to your decision with a thorough and detailed inspection report of a vehicle's condition from both a mechanical and cosmetic standpoint.  Our inspection will help you determine whether you are about to buy a peach or a lemon.  For used vehicle sellers, our reports can help you support the price and value placed on a vehicle.  For used car buyers, the information will help you negotiate or have confidence in the price of a vehicle.  Our inspectors are nationwide.  We hire, train and utilize only highly qualified mechanics with years of hands-on experience as a mechanic working on engines. 

Once you place your inspection order, we will contact the seller and schedule a date and time for the inspection.  During the inspection, our inspectors will:  

  • Verify the functionality of equipment, options and accessories on the vehicle.
  • Confirm the condition level and appearance of the car including such things as tire wear and brakes.  
  • Reveal hidden and potential problems with the body, frame or engine.
  • Check for any trouble codes that can reveal either mechanical or electrical problems.
  • Check for any frame damage. If the frame shows damage it likely indicates the vehicle has been in a serious accident or collision in the past.  We will confirm it has been repaired correctly.
  • Check for improper or previous repair work. This could range from improper engine service, poor bodywork, or improper installation of accessories or modifications. 
  • Look for any signs of flood damage or fire damage.  A vehicle history report can only red-flag a car that has been in a flood or fire unless its title has been falsified. You might not spot the fake title, but an inspector can identify the telltale signs of damage.

A vehicle inspection will provide you with information on the current condition of a vehicle in real time while a vehicle history reports only give you information on a vehicles history.  History information is useful but should not be the only information relied upon when buying a used vehicle.  Other issues an inspection will reveal include hidden rust, fluid leaks, burned-out bulbs, suspicious odors and overdue maintenance procedures.